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Dongguan duoyimei Water Treatment Technology Co. Ltd.
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Dongguan duoyimei Water Treatment Technology Co. Ltd.
Dongguan duoyimei Water Treatment Technology Co. Ltd.
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Quality Control

Quality control system is to meet the requirements of the quality of the product, and the quality of the measurement and real-time supervision and inspection system. Quality control system composed of operation standard, process and operation records, as well as the supervision and inspection organizations. Among them, the operation standards and operation process belongs to quality control basis, similar to the tangible product technical requirements, and their operating records belong to quality control documents, supervision and inspection organization belongs to the implementation of quality control in the organization. Here the quality file, which is the basis of the quality control from the content on the properties of the also belong to a variety of regulations.

(a) operation standard

Operation standard, is according to the service quality standards set by the specific detailed operating quality and operating methods.

In daily service work of the project, to make the consistency and stability, we must develop the quality requirements, operation tools and operation method of four parts.

A project (parts) : (1) operation project (parts) refers to the operation of the project name or specific assignments. Due to the operation standard is in accordance with regulations of the project, so in each project in the standard operating projects have no actual meaning, while the distinguish of the homework is very important. Because of the same project in different operation site operation of different operation methods. In different job site, there are different methods of operation.

(2) the job content and quality requirements: job content is to point to specific tasks. Refers to the quality requirements for the work to achieve the quality of the result. By the logistics service quality requirements for the standard is according to, according to the logistics service standards. However, in order to guarantee the logistics service standards can be achieved, usually in a specific job than according to the standard quality requirements, so as to ensure the quality of logistics service of the entire project.

(3) operation tools: operation tool is work the tools used by the rules. Operating tools according to the location of the job, different parts have different requirements. For example, in the field of health requires the use of a broom, broom in the clean, if you use the sweeper could not meet the quality requirements of the homework, because the sweeper mechanized operation can not thoroughly remove footpaths, green pool along with the dust of the road junction of clutter. The meaning of assignment tool also is to ensure that the work of standardization. Because of service operation is to produce a product, the production process of this product is as same as the products of the factory has the product characteristics and process flow required by the production technology, to make the homework every day products all have the same product quality characteristics.

(4) operation method: the provisions of the operation method is the operation mode and operation time. To guarantee the quality of service standards, we must determine the correct operation mode and operating time, reasonable arrangement of the centralized operation, including the divisions of the keep the job. For example, in order not to affect the campus teaching order, usually campus health clean homework time early in the morning. Homework in the morning shift focus on my homework, arrange maintenance team scattered hygienic cleaning work during the day.

2. Make operation standard requirements:

(1) operation standard to meet the requirements of service standard quality requirements. Services unit or job operation department according to service standards, set not under standard of service quality standards, to ensure that the actual operation of the quality.

(2) the description of the quality effect should be accurate and clear. In describing the operation quality requirements, if the description is not accurate, orders, will not be able to work as the basis.

3. The regulations of operation tools must be accurate. In operation, with what kind of tools should be determined, only use tools to ensure the quality of work.


Dongguan duoyimei Water Treatment Technology Co. Ltd. Certifications
Standard: 质量证书
Number: C07-633502301
Issue Date: 2014-02-28
Expiry Date: 2019-02-28
Scope/Range: 环保水处理
Issued By: 广东质量认证部门

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Dongguan duoyimei Water Treatment Technology Co. Ltd.



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